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Hopefully Tad won't read the poem he wrote about Patrick's balls again. You like those middle aged balls smacking your chin because your father never loved you." Kevin turned the TV off. *********** Nate sat in his boxers on the bed in his and Chad's one bedroom apartment. He couldn't remember every having a conversation like that before. Like when we went to that blueberry farm and I ended up fisting you." Chad guffawed. Nate closed his eyes and wondered how what once seemed like a fulfilling relationship could suddenly feel so empty. Nate won't even rub his huge cock all over Chad's face anymore because of you!

"The first I watched this they reported on a story about a story about a wife being okay with her husband banging her mother. A woman walking in on her mother banging her husband wouldn't join in. Though he did once time travel to Regency England to bang a Duke." "I think some aspects of the Author's personality and knowledge get embedded in characters. Man, you come from a wild story," Kevin said sitting up straighter at that. He said it is an alternative fact that gay men can bend time and space through the power of loving cock. I wonder what he's doing now..." ********** "Abraham Lincoln, your cock tastes so good," Drake said and then proceeded to deep throat Abe's thick cock again. Most of his conversations were telling Chad how tight his ass was and to take it all. "Babe, fisting at a blueberry farm is the most romantic thing a couple can do. You were my tutor and I found out you had a big dick which was perfect for my bubble butt. If you want to get fucked, get out that dildo replica of my cock. Good night." "You aren't even going to put nipple clamps on me? ********** The Author AKA Ugh Okay AKA Alan sat tapping away at his computer.

She doesn't find the situation to be at all degrading and is willing to accept the lie that Price loves them all equally, even though everyone knows Brittany is his favorite." The camera moved back to Patty.

"In Sci Fi/Fantasy news, 30 year old IT guy Rob Smith found a lamp with a genie inside it.

"Watch." A 40-something blonde milf and a 50 year old brunette man appeared on the screen. Wilson isn't gay, but his wife Sheryl is a prude who won't lick his balls. In other blowjob news, 18 year old Ken broke both his arms and couldn't jerk off.

She finds his back rolls and Cheeto covered fingers enchanting.

She even agrees with him that his ex-wife Tammy is a total bitch and doesn't deserve the alimony she's getting.

Biff is currently planning to take Emma to Buffalo Wild Wings where he will finger bang her as she dines on the finest meal he can afford." The camera shifted back to Trent.

"How exactly did that help you realize you were a fictional character?

" Kevin picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. In blowjob news, 35 year old Wilson got a blowjob from his gay friend Colton and he loved it.

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