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When people join the agency, they’ve gotten to the point that they need to find something different than what their current environment provides, and a lot of that rests on their presumptions about what people in the other cultures are like,” he told us.Bruce has helped facilitate relationships for 25 years and has plenty of advice for people who want to find international love.

“I am interested in people, cultures, and creating structures that break down barriers between others.Bruce said many clients come to him with a laundry list of demands of what they want in the perfect partner. “When they finally find someone and decide to get married, only a few of those items on the list are still important. All clients undergo a background check to ensure they’re legally available to marry another person.Chemistry gets involved, and there are many things they didn’t think about when they made that list,” he said. They say they want all these things, but what they really want is a great relationship, love, and a family. If a potential client is separated but not divorced, they must present a divorce certificate before they can sign up with the agency.That’s why it’s all the more important to communicate clearly with each other.“For example, Japan is a very male-dominated society, and many women think that a non-Japanese man would be more liberal and more conducive to the way I want to live my life,” Bruce said.

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