100 free online cams for iphone

In either case, if all these are downloaded to i Books, then they will end up taking a massive amount of room.

The good thing about i Books is that they are also saved to your Cloud, so removing them from your device won’t delete them permanently.

If you have a massive collection of music, this can be a significant space saver.

HDR (High Definition Resolution) photos are images with better quality, capturing light and shadows more effectively than Standard Definition photos.

Unfortunately, these photos also take up significantly more space.

If you use a photo editing app like Camera , there’s a good chance you’ll find some old images hanging around.

Make sure you delete old versions of the photos still lurking in the lightbox (or other parts of an app).

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You’re about to snap a gorgeous picture when suddenly the dreaded message appears on your i Phone: It’s a terrible feeling.

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