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We've had to turn it off, after receiving a complaint about privacy, while we work out what options we have.Hopefully we can turn it on again soon, as it does ruin the experience somewhat.Enter Comment Here I felt I had to comment on this - I have been looking at this camera for years and it is lovely to see how the weather and tides are down in beautiful Fowey when I can't be there myself.I do agree that perhaps we should not be able to zoom in on people's windows across the water, however, I could stand on the quayside (or at a window) and look across the water with a pair of binoculars and nobody would say a thing would they?As for the weather, I'm afraid I'm not in Fowey at the moment, but I'm sure someone local can comment :-)Hi Peter, your last comment didn't post, probably due to our new anti-robot feature!The camera will still zoom, if using the preset view options.and steer/zoom the camera (it will open in a new window). Enter Comment Herehi Tony, hope you are keeping well.

Normalmente o nome desse programa é “Setup”, “Install” ou algo do gênero.I was able to watch the movements of people waiting alone on the slipway at night, could distinguish the number plates of cars on the ferry in the day, and see with exceptional clarity young families playing on the old slipway on the Fowey side, blissfully unaware that I or anyone else was watching them.Like the commenter below, I love the innocent pleasures of Bodinnick and Fowey, and in order to preserve that innocence, I think the real right to privacy of the people there completely outweighs the need of myself or anyone else to spy on them.Para descobrir, olhe as instruções na embalagem ou manual do produto ou em um arquivo de texto que vem na mídia de instalação, chamado ou Caso você não tenha o disco da webcam, identifique o modelo, entre no site do fabricante e procure pelo driver na opção “Suporte”, “Support”, “Download”, “Drivers” ou qualquer outro nome relacionado a suporte e instalação de produtos.Se não encontrar, ligue para o fabricante e informe-se. Depois, baixe o instalador ou pacote de Driver e, caso seja necessário, descompacte-o; Passo 6. As perguntas podem variar bastante dependendo do fabricante, mas no geral, são questões simples.

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Instalar uma webcam não é difícil, mas muitas pessoas têm dúvidas na hora de realizar o procedimento. Pegue o cabo USB da webcam e conecte na entrada USB do computador; Passo 3.

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